The staff at the Preschool at NMS is a gifted group of experienced early childhood educators who respect and understand the unique needs of young children and who are dedicated to creating an inspiring environment that fosters creativity, curiosity and a passion for learning.

Christine Missakian, Director
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Christine joined the NMS Preschool faculty in 2004 and after six years in the classroom, moved to the role of Director. Her more than 30 years experience in the field of child development and early childhood education includes positions such as head teacher at the Yeladim Childcare Center at the Jewish Community Center in Woodbridge, where she established and served as program coordinator for their half-day preschool, and teaching positions at Leila Day Nursery School.

Christine is a hands-on director who not only supports and guides the teaching staff but interacts closely with the children and their parents as we all work together through these important early years of education and development.

Christine graduated from Central Michigan State University with a BS in early childhood education and attended graduate school at Southern Connecticut State University. All three of her children attended the Preschool at NMS.

Serena Hatch, Program Administrator
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Serena has been with NMS for over 20 years. She has a Child Development Associate Credential and Early Childhood Coursework from Gateway. Serena grew up in a home filled with music and loves to sing and play her guitar. Hearing songs from her childhood always wakes joyful memories in Serena. Aside from the benefits of music for young children, (language, literacy & movement to name a few) she hopes to be a part of creating joyful memories for the children she teaches.

Preschool Teachers (3s and 4s)

Amber Canavan

Serena Hatch (Program Administrator)

Julia Blue Raspe (Preschool Music Coordinator)

Erica Sapp

Toddler Teachers (Twos)

Vandana Kant

Denise Nutile