5/30 – A letter from NMS Board Chair, Amity Doolittle – Noah Bloom to Step In as Interim Executive Director

Dear NMS Family:
I am writing to announce that the Board has asked Noah Bloom to step in as Interim Executive Director, starting June 15th and he graciously agreed to do so.  Not only has Noah been an amazing Director of Programs for NMS, but also he has previous experience in the role of Interim Executive Director. In addition, he has the support of the outstanding senior staff, which include Shantel Garcia, Director of Finance and Administration, Anne Tubis, Director of Student Services, and Mary Bloom, Director of Education. Collectively, this team has decades of experience at NMS, and working with our talented and dedicated faculty and staff, they have been instrumental in shaping NMS into the amazing institution that it is today. We are lucky to have so much expertise and experience among the staff. Speaking for the Board, we are all excited to work with Noah, the faculty, and the staff at NMS, to continue strengthening and solidifying our wonderful programs. 

At NMS, our unique mission sets the school apart as an exceptional institution. Our staff and faculty are committed to creating joy and sparking potential through the arts. This means, not only do we provide the very best music, dance and drama instruction to amazingly talented people of all ages who seek careers in the arts, but also we strive to support well-rounded, empathetic, and compassionate human beings who bring passion and creativity to every aspect of their lives. After serving Greater New Haven families for over 100 years, NMS has established itself as an anchor in the area’s outstanding artistic ecosystem. It is with this sort of commitment to excellence in music, dance and drama instruction, and innovation in an arts-based education, that NMS will continue to grow and thrive for the next 100 years.

Many of you participated in our recent Gala, a highly successful fundraiser, raising over $90k for ATLASMiddle School, which we are thrilled to say, is on schedule to launch this September. We have a full inaugural class ready to start and look forward to having even more students learning and thriving under the NMS roof. I had the immense privilege of seeing the new cohort of middle school children at the ATLAS “accepted student’s” night at Long Wharf. It was instantly clear that this group of dynamic, talented and artistic children and parents are overjoyed with the prospects of an arts-infused middle school education.


Amity Doolittle
NMS Board Chair